DOJ’s Bitcoin Price Manipulation Probe a ‘Good Thing’: Mike Novogratz

Get exclusive analysis and cryptocurrency insights on for just $39 per month. Billionaire investor and former hedge fund manager Mike Novogratz said that he is optimistic that the US Department of Justice’s (DOJ) recently-launched probe into allegations of bitcoin price manipulation will contribute to the long-term health of the cryptocurrency market. Speaking in an […]

Report: Criminals Have Stolen $1.2 Billion in Cryptocurrencies Since 2017

New estimates have found that criminals have stolen around $1.2 billion in cryptocurrencies since the start of 2017, further highlighting how the market is becoming a lucrative market to criminals. EU GDPR Law May Impact Criminal Investigations The figure was released by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), which was looking into the cryptocurrency market in addition […]

South Africa’s Central Bank Calls Crypto ‘Cyber-Tokens’, Not Currency

The South African Reserve Bank, the central bank of the Republic, has chosen to call digital currencies “cyber-tokens” because they “don’t meet the requirements of money,” Bloomberg reported May 24. Francois Groepe, Reserve Bank Deputy Governor, explained the position of the bank: “We don’t use the term “cryptocurrency” because it doesn’t meet the requirements of […]


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How to Totally Destroy the House Edge in Online Roulette

This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. Roulette is considered by many experts to be the original game of the modern casino. Invented in France, supposedly by famed mathematician Blaze Pascal, the game of roulette […]

Coinbase Takes Another Step Toward Trading ICO Tokens by Acquiring …

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has taken another step toward trading ERC20 tokens by acquiring decentralized relayer Paradex. ERC20 is the Ethereum technical standard that the majority of initial coin offering (ICO) tokens are based on. Paradex announced the news on its website today, May 23, 2018, adding that its site will be down temporarily while it […]

Bank of America Adds to Growing List of Blockchain Patents

Join our community of 10 000 traders on for just $39 per month. Blockchain is finding more implementation in the mainstream and Bank of America (BoA) is at the forefront of a group of legacy companies that are using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to validate the veracity of information and those using it. A […]

DATx (DATX) Gets Listed On KuCoin · May 23, 2018 · 1:00 pm KuCoin is extremely proud to announce yet another great project coming to our trading platform. DATx (DATX) is now available on KuCoin. Supported trading pairs include DATX/BTC and DATX/ETH. Please take note of the following schedule: DATX Deposits: Effective Immediately DATX Withdrawal: 20:00 May 23, 2018 (UTC+8) DATX […]