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Mainstream Media Convinced Coinrail Hack Caused Crypto Price Plunge

Cryptocurrency users are venting frustration June 11 after mainstream media outlets reported the crypto market had fallen namely due to the hacking of a small South Korean exchange Coinrail. As both Bitcoin and altcoins fell June 10, sources including Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Reuters, the Guardian and others claimed that Coinrail’s hack – […]

India: Media Creates Panic Over 2-Month-Old Crypto Tax | News

India is “aggressively pursuing” cryptocurrency holders for tax this week, claim mainstream media outlets such as Financial Times and Quartz, despite the policy being in place since December 2017. In a repeat round of misinterpretation of facts surrounding the Indian government’s treatment of cryptocurrency, multiple publications warn that 100,000 investors who “skipped paying taxes” have […]