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Crypto Could Pose a Problem for Candidates Seeking Security Clearances

The recognition of Bitcoin as a form of foreign currency could potentially have an impact on decisions in recruiting new employees to the US Department of Defence (DoD), Bloomberg reported May 22. The Pentagon’s chief concern is whether investment in cryptocurrencies indicates criminal intent or constitutes an increased predisposition toward risky personal behavior. This could […]

Colorado Proposes Accepting Cryptocurrency for Political Campaigns

Political candidates in Colorado could soon accept Bitcoin or other digital currencies for their campaigns, according to reports by the Denver Post on May 17. Secretary of State Wayne Williams made the proposal for allowing donations of cryptocurrencies in political campaigns in draft rules presented on May 16, the Denver Post reports. The US Federal […]

US Judge Denies Alibaba’s Request To Stop Alibabacoin From Using Matching Name

A US court has ruled this week against the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba’s request for an injunction against the Dubai-based Alibabacoin Foundation (ABBC Foundation) due to their similar names, Forbes Middle East reported yesterday, May 1. In the beginning of April, Alibaba sued the ABBC Foundation for copyright infringement, alleging that Alibabacoin engaged in “prominent, […]

US Crypto Lawyer David Silver On Why He’s To Thank For Industry’s Increased Gov’t Scrutiny

Silver Miller law firm seems to be involved in almost every crypto-related lawsuit out there today, representing aggrieved users who have allegedly lost money to crypto industry giants Coinbase, Cryptsy, Nano, Kraken, BitConnect, Monkey Capital, Giga Watt, and Tezos, to name a few. David C. Silver, a founding Partner of Silver Miller, spoke to Cointelegraph […]

Amazon Granted Patent For Streaming Data Marketplace With Bitcoin Use Case

Amazon Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of e-commerce giant Amazon, received a patent for a streaming data marketplace that would enable users to receive real-time cryptocurrency transactions data, according to a document released April 17. In order to meet the needs of organizations in managing of large amounts of data, the company, according to the patent, […]

What Do Recent Legislative Developments Mean For Crypto Users’ Privacy

The last few weeks have been tense for those who take privacy issues seriously. First, there was Edward Snowden with yet another massive NSA leak, substantiating the suspicions, already thick in the air, that intelligence services are really after Bitcoin users’ personal information. Then, in the midst of the fallout from the news that Facebook […]

Fintech Firm’s Stock Drops By 30 Percent Following Announcement of SEC Investigation

Following the announcement of an investigation by the US Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) into is business, stock value of the fintech firm Longfin dropped by 30 percent, CNBC reported April 3. Longfin disclosed the investigation in a public 10-K filing to the SEC on April 2. Longfin shares closed 30.89 percent lower today, trading […]

FBI Publishes PSA About Tech Support Fraud Targeting Cryptocurrency Holders

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has published a public service announcement on March 28 warning about the prevalence of scammers posing as tech support for a variety of industries, including the cryptocurrency sector. The announcement defines tech support fraud as a “criminal claiming to provide customer, security, or technical support in an effort […]

President Of The Atlanta Federal Reserve Declares ‘Crypto Is Not Currency’

President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Raphael Bostic recently took a negative stance toward cryptocurrency investments at the annual meeting of Hope Global Forums, urging the US public to avoid digital currencies, as Bloomberg reported today, March 27. At the meeting considered to be “the largest gathering of leaders in the […]