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Dispute over Bitcoin Account Led to Connecticut Home Invasion

Two women have been arrested in connection with a March home invasion in Killingly, CT, where victims were not only robbed but also allegedly pistol-whipped and attacked with an electric cattle prod. The incident, police said, was the tragic culmination of a dispute involving a bitcoin account. Incident Details Apparently, the home invasion occurred because […]

Digital Asset Blockchain Beats Wall Street’s Minimum Scale

Global business technology provider GFT has announced results of an independent performance test on the Digital Asset (DA) platform showing that the platform can process trading volumes exceeding 27,000 trades per second over a sustained period of time. These results place the platform above peak US equity trading volumes according to the DTCC. Founded in […]

Stablecoins and Bank Failure — The Risk of Fiat-Backed Tokens

About the author: Ranjeet Sodhi is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vault. He is also a fintech entrepreneur with over 19 years of experience leading and turning around key regulatory risk management initiatives for global top tier investment banks and financial services firms, including JPMorgan Chase, Citi, Deloitte, and E&Y. You can follow him on […]

Bitcoin is Not a Legal Tender in Zambia

Zambia’s central bank has said that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin aren’t legal tender in the country. The Bank of Zambia (BoZ), responsible for creating and implementing monetary policies for the world’s 105th largest economy, explained their stance against the use of cryptocurrencies in contrast to the growing public interests in the field. The central bank admitted […]

French Grocery Chain Integrates IBM’s Food Trust Blockchain

IBM has been flirting with blockchain technology for years. The former PC manufacturer has quietly built multiple blockchain technologies while more obviously innovating in spaces like artificial intelligence with its Watson technology. One area of keen interest as to what the blockchain is capable of is product information, tracking, and so forth. More specifically, food […]

Fake Flash Updates are Hiding Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

It has been discovered that fake Adobe Flash updates are being used to surreptitiously install cryptocurrency mining malware on computers and networks, creating severe losses in time, system performance, and power consumption for affected users. Cryptojacking Breaks New Ground While fake Flash updates that push malware have traditionally been easy to spot and avoid, a […]

Ripple (XRP) Marks the Best Correction as Crypto Market Recovers

The Ripple-to-Dollar (XRP/USD) exchange rate on Friday was the earliest to recover from its latest downtrend move. It surged as much as 19 percent from yesterday’s low at 0.377-fiat, which is higher than other top coins. Ripple, the company that issues XRP tokens, is reportedly heading towards forming a partnership with SWIFT, a global banking […]

Why BCIO Is Not Just Another Utility Token

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